A Story Goes On, June Edition: J. Daniel Batt

In the June Edition of A Story Goes On, J. Daniel Batt reads from his story, The 27th Peace Talks between the Parliament of Trees and the Mouse Kingdom.

You can find the full text of the story here.

Jason’s short fiction has appeared in Bastion Magazine, Bewildering Stories, the upcoming Genius Loci Anthology, and other publications. He’s the editor of Lifeboat Foundation’s first science fiction anthology Visions of the Future. His first novel, The Tales of Dreamside, was hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “a phenomenally imaginative series, with a strong, relatable child protagonist, collected in this handsome, beautifully illustrated edition. It can also be appealingly dark, with eerie fairy-tale motifs.”His second novel, The Young Gods, will be released this summer from Realmwalker Publishing.

Jason Batt also serves as Creative and Editorial Director for the 100 Year Starship. He creates visual engagement for 100 Year Starship programs and activities. In this role, he serves as the editor of the 100YSS Symposium Proceedings, the organizer and host of the annual Science Fiction Stories Night bringing science writers together with scientists and the general public, and as the team lead for the Canopus Awards celebrating the best in interstellar writing.

Jason has been engaged in community leadership for a decade and a half, specifically focusing on meeting the needs of at-risk students and engaging diverse groups across Sacramento for community enrichment.

Jason Batt may be reached at jason@jdanielbatt.com.


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